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Spanish Class


Preschool years are the foundation for a child’s development. Research tells us that 50% of the ability to learn is developed during this time. This is a good reason for the early childhood programs to offer the opportunity to learn a second language.  

Hudson Memorial offers Spanish for children ages 3 and 4, taught in an enriched environment; an environment that provides plenty of sensory stimulation.

The Spanish class’s goal is that everyone has a good time, and at the same time everyone learns.  The class includes rhymes and songs and we do a lot of movement and repetition.

Circle time: The children will learn basic concepts like color, numbers, food, shapes and feelings. We also incorporate current events and seasons to our vocabulary.

Crafts: From time to time the children will use their creativity to make arts and craft projects.

Fine motor: We emphasize core preschool concepts in the Spanish class that include activities to develop the muscles in the fingers, hands and wrist, while learning Spanish.

Gross motor: Games are a vital element for language learning as the children can move around and learn by doing.

Math: Students learn Spanish through number identification, values, counting, addition activities and estimation.


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