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Music & Movement


Our Music & Movement program is built on two simple facts: children love music and they love to move.  When you put those two facts together in a preschool setting, the music and movement experience naturally reinforces early childhood development and learning skills.  Perhaps most importantly, it is FUN!  Our music classes help your child learn to sing confidently, move expressively and rhythmically, develop age-appropriate musical concepts, and value music and movement as a part of everyday life.  Embedding these skills now in their childhood helps to reinforce critical learning and developmental concepts that they will need later, such as recognizing rhythmic patterns in literature and differentiating phonemic sounds as they learn to read, quickly establishing their center of gravity and balance as they adjust to growing bodies, and making healthy connections between left and right brain functions.  Each music class at Hudson Memorial Preschool consists of a variety of activities to reinforce musical concepts, key areas of development (social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language), and age-appropriate curriculum content areas.  At the heart of each music class, however, is the chance to be creative, build self-confidence, and make noise while laughing, smiling, and having fun.


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