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Discovery Class


In Discovery class, students will get up to their elbows in "oobleck", "gak", slime and dough. They'll listen to what it sounds like when a thousand cicadas sing together and send ghost rockets, fueled by cornstarch, water and alka-seltzer tablets soaring eight feet high. In the spring, they'll learn about wind power, with vessels they've constructed out of cardboard milk jugs and balloons and shriek when they see what a gigantic mess "elephant toothpaste" makes. One week they may enjoy a visit from a friendly guinea pig named "Oreo", a jabbering cockatoo, a quarter-sized red-eared slider, or a tarantula, and the next be treated to an appearance from a horned owl brought by a local raptor rescue group. In Discovery, students will learn basic rules of chemistry, physics, biology and horticulture, but the two most import rules we hope to impart in class are: "Always be curious about the world around you" and "Have FUN!"


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